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The baby room is well equipped to enhance your baby’s development, our staff to baby ratio is one practitioner to three babies. We have a separate changing area located outside of the baby room. Our babies are given lots of attention and stimulation to help with their development throughout the day. We provide breakfast, cooked lunch by our on site cook and snack tea, we provide plenty of snacks as well as milk and water throughout the day. The baby room provides a happy, loving environment for your baby and is working within the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Our toddler room offers a range of resources and activities that meet your child’s needs. Our staff to toddler ratio is one practitioner to four toddlers. We have a messy area where your child can play with sand, water, painting etc. We have a role play area to allow your child to let their imagination run away. We have a cosy book corner for those quiet moments in the day. We help your child with toilet training and other self care skills. The practitioners in the room plan activities that suit your child’s stage of development as well as free play activities which encourage the children to investigate and explore their environment while developing many skills, all within the EYFS guidelines.


In our Pre-School Room we continue to work within the EYFS. Our staff to child ratio is one practitioner to eight children. There is an emphasis on increasing a child’s self- esteem and confidence to allow a smooth transition to school. The children have many activities and age appropriate activities and toys including ICT and many different construction toys, art and craft activities. Early reading, writing and number skills are also introduced.


All of the children have use of our garden all year round, we provide waterproofs so that the children can enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather. Outdoor learning experiences are often remembered for a lifetime, learning outdoors can be enjoyable, creative, challenging and adventurous and helps young children learn by experience and grow as confident and responsible children who value and appreciate nature and the outdoors.

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